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UPDATE: All Strains & News Strains Restocked!

Update: 10/19/18

Thank you for everyone’s patience.  We are pleased to say we are now fully in stock all strains and new ones!  Here is a a full list.

Green Banjar http://www.kratompros.com/product/green-banjar/ Green Borneo – NEW http://www.kratompros.com/product/green-borneo/ Green Kapuas http://www.kratompros.com/product/green-kapuas/ Green Maeng Da Kapuas http://www.kratompros.com/product/green-maeng-da-kapuas/ Green Malay – NEW http://www.kratompros.com/product/green-malay/ Kaltim http://www.kratompros.com/product/kaltim/ Mystic Maeng Da http://www.kratompros.com/product/mystic-maeng-da/ Premium Green http://www.kratompros.com/product/premium-green/ Premium Green Maeng Da http://www.kratompros.com/product/premium-green-maeng-da/ Red Borneo –
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