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UPDATE: All Strains & News Strains Restocked!

KratomPros 2.0, News, Credit card processor 2.0 arriving soon? Credit card processing for orders?

I am about 3-4 weeks away from developing 2.0. There is also a very good chance that Credit cards will soon be accepted but there maybe a small one time fee from the processor.

Update: 10/19/18

Thank you for everyone’s patience.  We are pleased to say we are now fully in stock all strains and new ones!  Here is a a full list.

Green Banjar
Green Borneo – NEW
Green Kapuas
Green Maeng Da Kapuas
Green Malay – NEW
Mystic Maeng Da
Premium Green
Premium Green Maeng Da
Red Borneo – NEW
Red Maeng Da
Red Sumatra – NEW
Super Green
Super Maeng Da
White Borneo – NEW
White Jongkong
White KanSel Maeng Da
White Maeng Da Jongkong
White Sumatra  – NEW
White Thai
Yellow Medan

Update: 10/17/18

We have received 2 of our 3 packages now.  The only strains we are still waiting on is Green Banjar and White Maeng Da Jongkong.

  1. Red Maeng Da – Restocked
  2. White KanSel Maeng Da – Restocked
  3. White Jongkong – Restocked
  4. Super Maeng Da – Restocked
  5. White Sumatra – Brand NEW
  6. Red Borneo – Brand NEW
  7. White Thai – Restocked
  8. Red Sumatra – Brand NEW

Update: 10/14/18

We are pleased to say our final 2 packages have finally made it to the United States and passed through Customs.  We expect to restock all of our all strains & bring in plenty of new ones within the next few days.


Update: 10/10/18

Received 1 out of 3 of packages about 5 days ago.  Unfortunately this only contained Mystic Maeng Da, so we do have fresh Mystic.  But we didn’t get in any of the other strains yet.  They should arrive any day now, but can’t really give an estimate. Since USPS tracking hasn’t been updating from Indonesia due to their natural disasters and the packages just show up at our front door one day.  We will keep you guys updated as the packages arrive.


Today: 10/1/18

We apologize if any of your favorite strains are “Out of Stock“.  We have a Big Shipment on the way and it has finally hit the United States, which means we should restock in about 3-4 days with New Strains and your favorites that are currently marked out of stock!

We actually ordered almost a month ago, but as far fetched as it sounds since our order Indonesia has been hit with a Typhoon, earthquake, and a tsunami all since our order has been in the mail.  This really hurt the Indonesian mail and unfortunately killed many over there.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and sticking with us.  Let us know if you have any questions and we will be updating our products in the next 3-4 days.

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